Side Crow

File Mar 01, 11 16 53 AM  I have been exposed to the knowledge of understanding many yoga poses. This is fascinating to me because once what seemed impossible to do, was really quite doable. I have a wonderful teacher that introduces something more advanced every week. For years I have dabbled in only a small handful of inversions and arm balances, until recently something clicked inside of me that made me want to really master yoga. To understand it and practice it to the best of my abilities.

This meant become proficient in the the poses that I used to drool over in amazement and awe. So the next day I started strength training in order to do handstands. This newly earned strength opened the doors to new areas that were once closed. Once I started understanding how to get into position, and not having a fear of falling, I started trying out every new pose that was taught to me. Some went very well, some were way easier that I thought, and some ended up with me planting my face into the floor. That is ok. Falling is normal at times and I have become much better friends with the ground that was only best known by my feet.

The above shot was taken the night after I learned how to do the side crow. I rushed home to photograph it quick my with my phone. This is the pose that amazed me at how easy it was for me, but only after understanding. Dedication is a wonderful thing.



4 thoughts on “Side Crow

  1. Daniel_Spencer says:

    Awesome! Handstand and Hand-balancing are lots of fun. Its funny how once we trust ourselves and our abilities doors open up. I teach handstand workshops and that is the first concept we talk about. Learning to not let our mind keep us from doing the challenging things we strive to do.

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