Saturday Mornings

I like to get up early on the Weekends, especially on Saturdays. It gives me a change to decompress and allows time for myself after a busy week. My wife prefers to sleep in. That is her “me” time. My favorite part is sitting on my folded blanket on my yoga mat

File Mar 01, 11 22 59 AM

Image shot with iPhone6s

with a cup of coffee and just being thankful that I am here on this day. That I am still alive and no matter what obstacles presented itself to me this week, they too shall pass.

Saturday mornings are quite and peaceful and filled with the morning coos of the turtle doves that like to sit on our roof and call out to each other.

The finishing of my coffee leads into yoga; yoga leads into meditation. Before I know it there is rumbling in the bedroom, coming down our short little hallway, and then bursting into the room is my dog. Licking my face and dancing around, he himself, very happy that another day has come and that we are all here. And Saturday awakens.


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