I have entered a short period of rest, which is must needed. I have just completed a 10 week strength training program that just uses bodyweight. I reached the 7 mile mark while running on the elliptical machine at the gym, I have learned a few new yoga poses (one being the Bird of Paradise captured in the image), and have entered the world of hot vinyasa yoga with an incredible teacher.

To celebrate this period of rest and allow by body to rest I grabbed “The Art of Power” by Thich Nhat Hahn, by trusty 4 legged canine companion, and I laid in bed napping and reading yesterday, only to have happy interruptions from glorious cups of Hojicha Tea. It was indeed a perfect day for a rest since the snow was flying on a spring day.

I have a tendency to push myself hard in everything I do. If one does not fully give 100%, it is not worth doing. However I often overlook the need to allow my body to rest as well. One’s 100% becomes less and less when the body and mind are not allowed to rest.

This morning there grey skies and snow on the ground, which tells me that it is another perfect day for resting. I will finish my chai tea, do some light yoga to loosen up my body and work the kinks out, then I will sit in meditation until the family awakens. Today I spend the day with them.


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