Beach Yoga

2016-05-10 08.57.01

I was blessed enough to have been able to travel this past week down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with my wife. It was a chance to destress, catch up on some family time, soak in the warm weather. Keeping in stride with my normal daily practice, I found myself waking up each morning right before the sun came up. I grabbed my blanket and my day pack and headed down to the beach to practice yoga and meditate.

This was my first time ever practicing yoga on a beach. I found the loose sand to be difficult at first. But after a little while I found myself moving slowing, allowing myself to fully sink into the sand before going further. Completely feeling the Earth. Allowing myself to be engulfed by the smells of the ocean breezes. The cacophony of birds talking to one another came from all around me. And I became I. Eventually coming to a cross-legged position. And I sat. Waves came in. Waves came out. Much like my breath. And the world was waking up.


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