2015-12-11 16.41.47

I have been very cooped up lately with other projects and am itching to shoot a lot of images…therefore my only reliable source of a subject since winter is here is myself. This is a self shot while walking to the store a few weeks ago.


Head in the Clouds

Sometimes I have my head my clouds

It’s a gift that I have been given

A way to explore

The realms of a much different



2015-11-19 16.20.27-1

Pre-Years End Portrait

The past few weeks have brought me to the point of near exhaustion. Since starting my own business, I have become engulfed in projects and due dates and not very concerned about myself, leading to the demise of my mind, body, and spirit. Luckily I realized what was going on a few weeks ago and have shifted gears in my approach to my daily life and am feeling my energy and mind recovering. I was not going to allow myself to go into the new year or into the dead of winter on the path that I was going. The bad habits had to stop. So I stopped them; putting emphasis on the food that I intake, the quality of the hours that I sleep, and the exercise that I get. Physical training not only prepares your body to excel but also one’s mind. As I grow older I have to work a bit hard to remain at the top of my game, as it is very easy to slip-up and become lazy. I have found new energy in my approach to creativity. I have found new ways to eat healthy and energize by body. I can tell that this is going to be an exciting new year and am looking forward to it.

This self-portrait was taken a few weeks ago about the time I realized how tired and run down I was becoming. You can see it in the eyes.

2015-12-12 12.01.49-2




Photography can still be about design, art, and creativity. It does not have to depend on computers to manipulate and enhance images to make them fantastic. Photography does not even have to accurately capture the real moment. At times, all it needs to do is capture a feeling that is present. After all, that what art is about; creating something that can produce feelings that people can relate to.

Woods and Sky

One of the many great scenes we experienced while hiking, a bit softer, and a bit abstract. The blues came from the dropping sun and the rainy conditions.

Woods and Sky

Woods and Sky