Go Ride

Go Ride

Go Ride

Although this is a typical scene in Portland and a few other cities, it is not for most place. Get out and ride a bike. It not only is a means for exercise, but it is a great way to relieve stress. When riding a bike, you not only help cut pollution, but you save your self the mental anguish of driving around in traffic in a car. Interesting fact: Approximately10 bicycles can fit into one parking space. This means that if more people rode bikes we could potentially require less paved parking lots, which could become areas where grass and trees could grow again, providing better scenery and places for our animal and bird friends to live. Go ride a bike and experience the world around us instead of being isolated inside your car. Go ride.

Sweet Ride

At least 70% of my photographs come from excursions on my bike. I find this a way more efficient and satisfying way of traveling. The rider not only gets exercise and gets the body moving, can also come across things that they would not have seen by traveling by car.

Urban Commuter Schwinn

I took a break from working on a website this afternoon and rode downtown, covered 40 miles overall. I stopped for a bite to eat and found this commuter parked next to my bike. It gets me excited to see so many bikes being used for transportation in this city. Rock on Columbus!


An old Mercier locked to a street sign in a back street off High Street a few weeks ago. The poor thing was was left amongst shards of broken glass and kitchen grease.